The 2 Corporate Apparel Links (on the left) will take you to one of our clothing warehouses that carries
a wide range of clothing items such as: T-Shirts, Polos, Dress & Work Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets,
Headwear, and a lot more.

You will see hundreds of brands including name brands as well as generic brands that are great
price savers. Also, you will find some accessories like bags, luggage, backpacks & more. All of these
items can be embroidered, screenprinted or embellished/customized in some way.  As always,
please contact us for your
discounted pricing.

The price listed is The Retail Suggested Price,
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Shop for your greetings cards right here on the link to the left.

Thank You Cards, Holiday Cards, Congratulation Cards, all available here and ready to be
customized. As Always, contact us for your discounted pricing. These personalized cards include
printed envelopes as well as custom text or company logos.

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discounted price.
Search for thousands of promotional items at the Promo Link.

The Link (on the left) contains items from over 30 different suppliers/manufacturers. Rhody Prints
distributes for over 3,000 different suppliers, so if you don't see what you want we can probably get it
for you, so contact us right away.

As always, all prices you see will be
The Logos below represent some of the BRAND suppliers that we carry. A lot of these lines are considered by both corporate
apparel & Team Athletic apparel. We can supply you with personalized/customized apparel including uniforms for most of the
major sport teams for all segments: Men, Women, Boys & Girls. And some of our lines offer sporting goods, such as bags,
baseballs, umpire gear, and much more.

A few lines that we can supply you with are through our business partners. As always, you must contact us for all discount pricing,
embellishment, inventory count, and with any additional questions. If you do not see the brand that you want, call us, as in most
cases we can get the item you need.